Visitors will find and remember your website…
when you use...
an already branded generic name!

What is a domain name?

Every web page or set of web pages has a numeric code or IP address. A domain name is a unique name given to one or more of these numerical addresses in order to make it more memorable and easy to communicate. Where the number may be complicated the name given to it is more straightforward.

As mentioned a domain name is used to identify one or more of these IP address as it describes all of the pages on a website. So where a website may have several IP address or pages i.e. and (that’s two IP addresses) there is still only one domain…

Simultaneously, the domain names keep the really technical (numerical) IP address invisible for most viewers. Lastly, internet service providers (ISP’s) interpret the names back to the numbers when serving up websites.

The top-level domain (TLD) is the suffix that is added to the domain name i.e.
.org etc